Mohammed Bilal

Dear Client’s,

Since its establishment in 2005, the Bombay Group of Companies has been proud of many completed projects. Over the past few years, the Bombay group has succeeded with many prestigious projects in the UAE.

Our target is to complete all the tasks before the promised date by avoiding any compromise in the quality with a consideration of customer satisfaction, which is the most important principle as we embrace and give utmost value to our continuous research and emphasis on this purpose. As well as we are focusing on accomplishing considerable milestones in the future.

I proudly say that we have built our reputation as a preferred and competitive company by our clients and the responsibility of this situation is crucial for us. We and our experienced staff encourage you to be more successful in the coming years. One main reason for our success is the hard-working employees at our head office, the self-denying site staff, and the labourer who work far from their homeland.

I want to thank all of them.

Warm regards,


Mohamed Bilal

CEO’S – Bombay Group of Companies